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TechCamp Phnom Penh Grand Challenge Request for Proposals


The McCain Institute for International Leadership is proud to announce the TechCamp Phnom Penh Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge will provide selected NGOs with funds to implement the technology solutions learned during TechCamp. The goal of the Grand Challenge is to encourage NGOs to adopt low-cost and simple technological solutions to improve or scale up their operations to prevent or disrupt human trafficking and/or support victims of human trafficking.

The Challenge will fund one or many worthy proposals, up to $10,000 total.

Criteria for applying

  1. Only those NGOs that attended TechCamp Phnom Penh are eligible to participate in the Grand Challenge
  2. The Grand Challenge will fund proposals geared towards projects that seek to implement technological solutions to prevent or disrupt human trafficking and/or support victims of human trafficking:
    • solving operational problems faced by the NGO and/or
    • improving efficiency and/or
    • facilitating expansion of existing programs
  3. The technology proposed should:
    • be aligned to the solutions and ideas discussed during the TechCamp Phnom Penh
    • be able to be implemented easily, efficiently, and at relatively low cost
    • be such that its implementation/deployment does not take longer than a year and
    • have quantifiable and measurable impact that can be sustained beyond the period of this grant;
  4. Reporting requirements. Awardees will be required to:
    • provide quarterly progress reports in the year of implementation to track impact
    • provide an end of project report within 3 months after project completion which describes the sustained use, scaling, and impact of the technology solution
    • provide midterm and end of project financial report
  5. The funds available are strictly meant for implementing technology solutions and will not address the needs of program funding.

Evaluation criteria

The proposals will be evaluated on the following parameters:

  1. Purpose
    • Does the proposal make a clear case for the opportunity in question and is the approach relevant to promoting technological solutions?
  2. Clarity and feasibility
    • Are objectives clearly expressed?
    • Is there a well-defined implementation plan to achieve objectives?
    • Are the milestones clearly articulated?
    • Does the plan feature an evaluation methodology and metrics for success?
    • How feasible are the objectives given the proposed time period?
    • Is the team assigned to implementation qualified?
  3. Impact
    • Can the impact be quantified and measured?
    • How soon will impact be achieved, and how will it be sustainable?
    • How will the impact promote and encourage youth engagement and empowerment?
  4. Short listing and final evaluation of the proposals will be undertaken by the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a division of Arizona State University based in Washington, DC.

Proposal structure and deadline


RFP sent to participants – 14 October 2013
Deadline for receiving applications – 8 November 2013
Short listing of proposals – 22 November 2013
Final decision process – 2 December 2013

To meet the deadline for the initial approval, all responses to this RFP must be received electronically no later than 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on November 8, 2013. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Questions and RFPs should be sent to:


*NOTE, if you want to retrieve your answers from your previous registration please go to and click “Past Orders”.

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